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Our Friends Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge

Ch Charbo's Fortune Cookie
She was a wonderful dog with people and loved having any attention she could get. Cookie finished easily and was halfway to her Canadian Championship. She was an excellent mother and gave everything she had to her 5 surviving pups.

~ Mary Ann

Manape Tributes True Horizons
He will be forever young. Always clowning around, we had just begun to work as a team when we were forced to go our separate ways. He showed me that there is something special in every dog. I had a hard time getting close to him at first because I was still looking for what I had with Vick, but he made every effort and finally won in the end.

~ Stephanie

Delano's Coppertone Torvick
He came to us at the age of two, but it was as if he had lived with us all of his life. He was my shadow and constant companion, as well as the dog that trained me in obedience. I still see him in my dreams some nights.

~ Stephanie

She was not only our first Australian Shepherd, but the begining of my dreams fulfilled. Although she was only with us a few short months she has a large place in my heart.

~ Mary Ann

Rainbow Bridge Webring

Rainbow Bridge Webring
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