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Four generations and going strong...

Tribute Kennel was founded in 1995 by Mary Ann & Stephanie Delano in Buxton, Maine. As a mother & daughter, we have actively shown and bred the Australian Shepherd and Long & Smooth Coat Chihuahua. Mary Ann continues to own a few of the Aussies and still has one brood bitch, but overall our focus has become the Chihuahuas over the years. We are involed with the American & Canadian Kennel Clubs and most of our dogs are eligable to be or are registered with both kennel clubs.

Notices and Updates

*UPDATE* 11/03/05: Stephanie has been stationed back in Hawaii again. She hopes to be back in Maine for leave in January so check back for new pictures and updates.

*UPDATE* 9/18/04: Stephanie has now graduated from boot camp and is attending school in Virginia. She will now be able to work on updating the site again.

*UPDATE* 5/20/04: Stephanie leaves for boot camp in less than a month. We are trying to get the site as updated as possible prior to her leaving. Unfortunately the site will not be updated again after 6/14 until early August so keep checking back with us for updates!

Some of our pictures are linked to the pedigree for that particular dog (hopefully soon all of them will be). Our information is spread out, but we think that this format will help you find what you are interested in a little bit quicker than throwing it all on one long page! So have fun exploring and if you have any suggestions, complements, or questions feel free to either sign our guest book or e-mail us!

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This site is created, written, & maintained by Stephanie N Delano and last updated 11/03/2005.

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