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Tribute Kennels was founded in 1995 by Mary Ann & Stephanie Delano in Buxton, Maine. As a mother & daughter, we have actively shown and bred the Australian Shepherd and Long & Smooth Coat Chihuahua. Mary Ann continues to own a few of the Aussies and still has one brood bitch, but overall our focus has become the Chihuahuas over the years. We are involed with the American & Canadian Kennel Clubs and most of our dogs are eligable to be or are registered with both kennel clubs.

*NEW* 2/21/04: Stephanie will be testing out new formats and adding new information to the website. Please check back with us to see the progress!

UPDATE 2/4/04: "Riley" is now home in Maine. While Stephanie was in Hawaii she was able to speak with the lady who found "Riley." Her only request was once she is back on the mainland that she would love a puppy out of "Riley" whom she was quite taken with. We still cannot thank her enough for helping us get him home where he belongs!

FOUND! 6/30/03: "Riley" was found by a woman who used to work with Stephanie and used to play with Riley. She spotted him with her neighbor's child (who was dog sitting for the night) and recognized him immediatly. After her calling Stephanie's former employment, one of them went over to get "Riley." After the police arrived the "owner" showed up and gave "Riley" to Jason, who recognized the man as someone who works in the same warehouse dist. as where "Riley" dissappeared. The man had been through on several occassions asking if anyone had found "Riley" yet and if Stephanie was working there anymore. "Riley" will be staying with Jason & Glenn friends & former co-workers of Stephanie until she flys out to pick him up.

6/13/03: Stephanie has enlisted in the US Navy and will be leaving for boot camp on 6/15/04. Until that time she will be showing "Riley's" daughter "Tina," as well as several of our upcomming contenders in the New England area.

MISSING! 1/3/03: "Riley" is believed to have been picked up in the Sand Island Access Rd area on this date. He could be anywhere in the Hawaiian Islands. A $1,000 REWARD for his return is offered - no questions asked.

Mary Ann Delano

PO Box 40

Stacyville, ME 04777


Stephanie Delano


Stacyville, ME 04777


Our information is spread out, but We think that this format will help you find what you are interested in a little bit quicker than throwing it all on one long page! So have fun exploring and if you have any suggestions, complements, or questions feel free to either sign our guest book or e-mail us!

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This page was created by Stephanie N Delano and last updated February 21, 2004.